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As far as I remember, shoes have always been more than an accessory, a way to differentiate and assert myself. When I became the mother of two little girls, I have started a quest for finding the perfect footwears – comfortable, practical and fun. It was a real challenge!

During my research on the web, it began ringing in my head as soon as I couldn’t find quality shoes for toddlers, responding to the requirements of the young parents. That was how the Hippie Ya adventure began! To propose these outstanding moccasins in France, in order to make them become the essential footwear for toddlers and babies.

The Hippie Ya moccasin is a real outdoor footwear providing freedom of movement and unequalled comfort. These qualities are essential for learning how to walk, because the child must feel his feet on the ground to find balance. With a flexible shoe, the foot growth does not undergo any restrictions. Our models are designed in collaboration with a podiatrist, a specialist in musculoskeletal system.

“With Hippie Ya, children take their first steps in life with style!”