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Working with a podiatrist

Parents don’t know which shoe they have to choose when children are making their first steps: hard or soft, ankle or flat, with or without an arch support, flexible or thick rubber sole. There are a lot of possibilities.

In order to answer the parent’s need for information, Hippie Ya actually works with a podiatrist, specialized in walking and feet health. He is the main actor of the shoe creation process. The podiatrist analyzes every model and validates them only if they match with his specifications.

Choosing the first steps shoes

In order to answer the parent’s need for information, Hippie Ya In order to go with baby first steps, the shoe has to match with some precise characteristics. In order to awake every muscles of the foot, a soft shoe is advised. A lightweight shoe will avoid feet inertia, and will help the baby to adopt a smooth walking style. A thin sole will also help the pressure sensors to find stability. The shoe has to wrap and sustain the foot.

Walking with Hippie Ya

The Hippie Ya moccasins gather all the qualities a first steps shoe needs. Soft and light, the shoe won’t cause any mechanical damage on the foot and will perfectly match with the child growth and walking style.

The thin sole will help baby’s foot to read the floor. The pressure sensors will help the child to find stability and balance.

Walking with style inside and outside

Moccasins are the best shoes to walk inside, or outside with good weather conditions. The leather located under the shoe is a flexible sole which protect the foot against frictions. If the shoe is worn frequently, the leather will get a slight patina.

As for adults, every shoe gets its own utilization. Nobody goes hiking with ballerinas, as nobody goes running with boots: moccasins are made for a flat ground.

All advices and recommendations are published for information and do not replace a clinical examination performed by a health care professional.